Telestials bio

  • Keeping the Faith: It almost seems to be an out of date concept these
    days. After all, we live in an instant society. So it is rare to find people who
    have dedicated over forty years of their lives to keeping a ministry alive. But
    Jim and Beth Glass have done just that with this gospel group .
    The group was established back in 1961 with a trio of women
    (including Beth and her sister ) calling themselves The "Harmony" Trio -
    singing at church functions in 1966 they traveled to Atlanta, Ga. to record
    their first album.
    With the addition of male vocals in 1969 the group started to expand.
    The Dove Award nominations started in 1976 with "Here They Come", In
    1977 with "One Way Flight" and in 1978 with "Free Indeed." Other songs,
    consistent chart makers were, "Holy High and Lifted Up," "Help Wanted,"
    "He Was Thinking Of Me," "One Day," and their latest, "Free."
    Family has always been a strong component in the group . Through all
    the years, Beth`s husband, Jim has continued to manage the group, and the
    Glass Children have carried on the Family Tradition, now including
    Getting the message out is the heart beat of the group, says Beth, "We
    know where the blessings come from, and we know the blesser".
    Current members are: Jim and Beth Glass, Jerry and Bethany Brown,
    and Caleb Brown They record for New Wine Records
    and their latest recording is titled "Almost Home. "