The Telestials New release "Almost Home" featuring songs written by Scott, Caleb, and Beth, plus some oldies is available now for order. Expected shipping date is 8/30/11, click on the store link at top of page to order.


Telestials new recording almost finished, photo shoot for cover scheduled for this week.

News from the




Former Telestials lead singer Matt Hill and son Seth

 Matt is pastoring a church in Pope Mississippi and they have a son named, Seth. (Mini Matt) Seth is a little over 1 year old. They are doing great and Misty is still free of the Hodgkin's disease that she had while they were traveling with us. Praise the Lord!

1/21/2011 Looking out the back door. Could it be global warming?
On our way home from Texas stuck in snow traffic just east of Texarkana. Who takes pictures in this kind of weather?
Those are some fancy lug nut covers.
11/24/2010  The Telestials have released a Christmas song. The song titled "My Favorite Time of Year" was written by: Caleb Brown of the Telestials. A children's choir from east Tennessee performed with the Telestials on the song. It is available for download and the proceeds will be donated to "Toys for Tots" download it here



We are still in Texas and it has been an exciting trip. On the first Thursday we sang at the Cowboy Church in Lufkin and Scott mentioned that he had never ridden a horse (except for those quarter horses at Wal-Mart) and the next morning we had horses to ride. Thanks Pam, we had a blast, though Scott is still walking like he is ready for a gunfight.

After we arrived in Victoria with a little time off, the Bailey Family(www.the-bailey-family.com/) treated us to a boat ride in Port Aransas to see the dolphins (not the football team). Again we had a great time. Check out the photos below.

Three Aaaa-migos

Very nice lady that made the horse ride possible, Thanks again Pam.

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